The Logandale Trails System is located in Logandale, NV, about 62 miles from Las Vegas, or 73 miles from St. George, UT. Dune buggies/side by sides are the vehicle of choice for most visitors to the Logandale Trail System (luckily for you, we provide you with the top of the line Las Vegas dune buggy rentals). The Logandale Trails System is managed by the Bureau of Land Management, and portions of the trail are located on the back side of the Valley of Fire State Park.

DO NOT TAKE UBER OR LYFT TO OUR BUSINESS. There is no ride back. If you must use it as transportation, make sure to arrange a ride back before you get here. We do not provide transportation to and from the business.

STAY ON EXISTING TRAILS! It’s hard for many people to understand the fragile nature of the desert since it looks so rugged and indestructible, but the reality is that it doesn’t take much to damage the desert beyond repair when you venture off trail or onto the sand dunes. Since there are already so many well-marked trails in this system, you won’t need to venture past the existing trails in your dune buggy rental.

Visit the Logandale Trails Information Page

View/Print a map of the Logandale Trail System


With the red rocks, wildlife, Indian Petroglyphs, and the beautiful desert skies, our trails and sand dunes are some of the most fascinating in the world. Turn on the GPS and go explore. You'll never forget that day out in the desert in your dune buggy/side by side rental.


You'll love the experience of rippin' through the sand dunes just outside of Las Vegas. It's a unique way to enjoy your day. The raw power of our Las Vegas dune buggy/side by side rentals cut through the sand like butter, and make for an ultra smooth ride through the desert. Plus, you'll catch some cool video.


Bighorn sheep, desert fox, lizards, desert tortoises, ground squirrels, roadrunners, golden eagles, and Gila monsters have been seen on many adventures by those who rent one of our dune buggy/side by side rentals exploring the trails. Remember, look and take pics, but don't get too close, and don't touch. We're visitors to their home.

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